In the early days of automotive performance there just weren’t many products available so you either worked with what you had or you experimented and fabricated something you wanted. The Porter brothers were experimenting with mufflers in the early 1930’s and what they eventually created became an icon of the automotive performance industry. In the 50’s and 60’s you had a few choices in mufflers but everyone wanted Porters and the brothers were selling 5,000 mufflers a week!

When the Porter brothers retired in 1975 the popular mufflers disappeared from the national market until 2010 when they returned to a global audience. After 80 years the mufflers still have that deep, throaty performance sound that others cannot duplicate and an unmatched reputation for quality. Still made by hand, still made in the USA, still one of the best products you can put on your car, today’s Porter Mufflers continue to outperform every product on the market in power production, sound quality, and drone suppression. 


Hand-Made Here In The USA; Made By Craftsmen!: No mass-production or robots

Distinctive, Unique Sound: Sets your car apart from the others at the show

12 & 14 Gauge Outer Shells:   No drone! Insulates all resonance within muffler case

Straight-Through Case Design:   
Adds clearance for modified suspensions & chassis

80 Year History, Iconic Name:   
One of the first performance parts companies!


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